Why Go Spring Camping?

Why Go Spring Camping?


1. Go Camping While the Weather is Perfect
The Weather in Spring is perfect for camping. It hasn’t gotten so darn hot yet, so activities are all done in a comfy hoodie. The weather is great for hiking during the day, because it’s not so hot and sweaty. It’s also perfect for daytime campfires…the best kind of campfires. Pull up a camping chair and relax around the fire. Ahh..that sounds perfect.

2. Better Rates
The peak season won’t hit for another month. This is the time of year for the best rates. Take advantage now. Also, there are lots of deals in the camping stores as they try to move out the last of last years left-over inventory…so chances are, you’ll catch a great deal on a new hoodie or camping shirt. Now that makes for one Happy Camper!

3. Gear up for Summer
This is the perfect time of year to dust off the ol’ cobwebs from summers toys and bring them out of storage. A favorite scooter, a rusty bike, rollerblades…they all seem like new again to a kid right now, so spend the days together playing around. Take a break from the school year and long work days to spend some quality time together before summers full swing.

4. Less Crowds
It won’t be long before all the hot spots are filled with sight-seeking tourists. Enjoy all those great trails with less people. Trust me, it’s more relaxing and provides a greater depth of solitude. I like people and all, but nature is very enjoyable when it’s quite around too.

5. Spring is in the Air
The air is fresh in Spring and is so inspiring for brisk walks and chilly nights around the campfire. The buds and blossoms are out for us to enjoy their splendor. The other great thing is there aren’t pesky mosquitos, flies or bees to bother us. It is truly a time for relaxation, reflection and enjoyment.

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